Outdoor Murals + Art Exhibition + Artist Talks

Outdoor Murals

Date: Friday & Saturday 01/02 December, 11-5pm
Venue: Glen Innes Town Centre
(see map for locations)

Andrew J. Steel mural in progress

The Bradley Lane Mural Project, now in its fifth year, continues to grow, adding colour and vibrancy to walls with murals painted by NZ’s top street artists.

Come see the artists painting live along with the 14 previously painted Bradley Lane murals, in an outdoor art gallery that weaves itself around the Glen Innes Town Centre.

Art Exhibition

Opening Night: Friday 01 December, 5pm
General Viewing: 01 – 16 December
Venue: Te Oro (Music & Arts Centre)

Elliot Francis Stewart

The indoor exhibition complements the outdoor murals painted live for Bradley Lane 2017.

It provides the artists with a dual opportunity to present their smaller, ready-made works in a completely contrasting environment to the exposed, outdoor setting where their large scale murals are created.

Check out the exhibition and take a walk through the streets to compare and appreciate how an urban contemporary artist translates between scale and surface.

Artist Talks

Date: Sunday 03 December, 2pm
Cost: Free entry, doors open 1.30pm
Venue: Te Oro (Music & Arts Centre)

In conversation with Fluro

The Bradley Lane Artist Talks at Te Oro gives you an opportunity to get a glimpse into the extremely creative minds of the artists in this years line-up.

Be inspired as Askew One explains his current work which is a mixture of text and portrait based work concerned with themes of the human diaspora and it’s driving factors ; Erin Forsyth discuss her recent work focussed keenly on endemic flora and fauna and the link between cultural and biological diversity, and much, much more!