Bradley Lane

Est. 2013 + Glen Innes + Auckland

Bradley Lane began as a small outdoor mural project in Glen Innes, Auckland in 2013.

The goal was to add more colour in the local community to walls that would otherwise be blank or tagged with graffiti, with the hope to encourage the positive benefits public art can have.

The event takes its name from the laneway where it all started, with 2 walls and 4 artists trying to create a festive atmosphere while painting murals over a weekend in Spring.

Askew One - Bradley Lane 2013

Askew One – Bradley Lane 2013

Held annually, it is now in its 4th year, and attracts some of the best artistic talent from around New Zealand.

Bradley Lane now comprises of 3 events: the live painting of outdoor murals around the Glen Innes Town Centre, the artist exhibition at The Good, The Bad and the artist talks at Te Oro.

Bradley Lane is proudly funded by the Māungakiekie-Tāmaki Local Board and supported by The Good, The Bad, Te OroAll City, Waipuna Hotel & Conference Centre, and the Tāmaki Community.